Gonzalo Ruiz
05.08.2015 08:59
This put up goals at serving to organizations understand the influence of upgrading to CRM 2013 and gives ideas for assessing the improve concerns. In case you have any exterior purposes or any code that is referencing the 2007 endpoint (asmx) then you have to update them and recompile then utilizing the CRM 2013 or 2011 SDK and level to the endpoints supported in CRM 2013 such as the OrganizationService (WCF) or the REST endpoint (OData). The ISV folder was made out of date in CRM 2011 for hosting customized internet applications contained in the CRM root. This folder is no longer supported in CRM 2013 so you would need to move these customized web pages to a separate IIS web site.

It is fairly rare to utilize these controls which are no longer supported so most organizations will be advantageous after the improve however it is always a good suggestion to review your customized ribbon rules and make sure you don't make use of those controls. The other important consideration with CRM 2013 is that the command bar will solely show 5 instructions and the remaining need to be expanded by clicking on the ?? icon.

This was a short-lived characteristic of CRM 2011 that came with CRM 2011 UR7 and has been eliminated in CRM 2013. You are free to make use of these strategies in your HTML internet sources, however they aren't supported to access elements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM application pages or entity kinds. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM improvement IT supported CRM solutions crew reserves the right to alter how pages are composed, together with the ID values for parts, so using the article mannequin protects your code from changes in how pages are implemented.

Some features from CRM 2011 had been already marked as obsolete and have been deprecated within the new version. When you've got a CRM 2011 setting that you just upgraded from CRM four.0 it is extra probably that this might be an issue since many CRM 4.0 options/endpoints/APIs have been deprecated though they continued to work on CRM 2011. You probably have plugin assemblies that were compiled in opposition to the CRM 4.0 SDK then you will have to re-write and recompile towards the CRM 2013 or CRM 2011 SDK. In case you have javascripts that make use of the CRM 4.0 consumer aspect scripting API (e.g. crmForm?) you will need to re-write them to make use of the CRM 2013 or CRM 2011 API (e.g. ?).

With CRM 2013 new person experience you may need noticed that the ribbon has been changed with the new command bar. The good news is that if you improve, most of your ribbon customizations shall be mechanically upgraded to the new command bar mannequin, only a small subset of ribbon controls are no longer supported: Dropdown, MRU Split Button, Textbox, Insert Table, Gallery and Gallery Button, Combobox and Shade Picker. In case you are, you'd need to interchange them by some of the supported command bar controls (see SDK for details).


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