Plesk Exhibits Default Web Page After Making A New Website Solved
25.07.2015 16:40
Even after you upload files to the positioning, and delete any plesk index recordsdata, it'll still present the default web page. This isn't a giant problem, it simply means your apache server has not re-learn the brand new configuration recordsdata that contain your new web site. For crimson hat or windows plesk servers please google for learn how to reload apache server configuration. If this nonetheless does not work, be certain London Escorts the default plesk files aren't in the httpdocs/ listing. If this nonetheless would not work then you will have to restart? apache (ie: cease it utterly and start it again). Open Source Undertaking Administration and Invoicing System with loads of useful and distinctive options Run the code on your own server. If you have the Apache binary in a nonstandard place, you might need to specify a distinct path or filename for it.

In most cases, your Apache configuration file (sometimes /and so forth/httpd/conf/ on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, your server could vary) will already have one or more DirectoryIndex instructions - one for the final case, and perhaps others for individual directories or digital domains. The Apache commands I present listed here are right for the usual Apache configuration on Crimson Hat Enterprise Linux. Htaccess files are an amazing solution for the webmaster who doesn't have write entry to his Apache configuration files.


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